xEM EM / HID Cloner

The xEM Cloner can copy any 125kHz EM41xx / EM4200 or HID ProxCard II chip ID to our xEM chip.

WARNING Due to the design of T5577 chips, it is possible to “brick” your xEM attempting to clone any ID to it. For more information, please read this forum post for more information.


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The xEM Cloner can copy any 125kHz EM41xx/EM4200 or HID ProxCard II tag ID to our xEM chip. You simply put the xEM Cloner next to the source tag and press the “read” button, then place the xEM Cloner next to your xEM chip and press the “write” button. The source ID will be copied into your xEM chip! That simple!

  • Requires two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Only copies EM41xx and HID ProxCard 125kHz tags
  • Specific beep patterns for EM and HID
  • *Password protects xEM tags against malicious writes

*The xEM Cloner will write the source ID to your xEM tag, then set a password after writing. This protects the xEM chip from other malicious writers, but it also means your xEM requires a password to write data to it. This does not affect the xEM Cloner – it will continue to function properly – but if you wish to write to your xEM using any other writer, you will need to ensure the writer can authenticate first using the password 51243648.